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Search Engine Optimization

Webmaster Guidelines

SEO This is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, simply its the term for the methodology in which we change our structure and content of pages to appear higher in a search engines results for specific search terms.

These simple guidelines will enable search engines find, index and rank your site.

Design and Content - Search engine optimization (SEO) tips

  • Have a clear hierarchy. Make the links in search a way that every page is reachable from a text link. Text links are very search engines unlike 'button links' i.e. image links.
  • Include a site map for your site. If the map has more than 100 links, consider breaking it into 2 or more pages.
  • Create a useful, content-rich site with information that your visitors will find valuable. In the web world, Content is king! Write for the users!
  • Make sure to include your key words in your sites so that strangers can find you by typing these in the search engines. When considering keyword density a good rule of thumb is four keyword phrases per 250-300 words or for longer pages 8-10 times in 500 words. This equates to a keyword density of 1.7 2.1% per page.
  • The title and alt tags are very useful to the search engine crawlers. Make the as accuratea and descriptive as possible.
  • Avoid using more than 100 links on a single page.
  • Have other relevant site link to yours.
  • Submit your site to popular directories such as Yahoo, Open Directory etc.
  • Avoid hidden text or hidden links
  • Avoid using doorway pages as search engines are known to penalize such sites.
  • Avoid cloaking or redirects - you could be penalized for these.



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